PC Versus Console Gaming

The hardware of today’s gaming consoles is very similar, and so it is unlikely that we will ever see a console war that is anywhere near as competitive as what occurred between Sega and Nintendo in the early 1990s.  However, there is a different debate when it comes to gaming today, even if that debate is largely only had on social media and on internet forums.  This debate is between PC and console gaming.  There can be significant differences between experiences between gaming on a PC versus gaming on a console, and this is why gamers love to get into these debates.

There is little doubt that gaming on a PC has some huge advantages.  First of all, because Windows PCs are built for many things other than just gaming, a higher-end PC will generally have much better capabilities and be much more powerful than your typical console.  Because there are many more settings involved in playing a game on a PC, PC gamers are generally able to get much better graphics and better frame rates than one might be able to get with the same game on a console.  Nearly anything can be edited on a PC, and a PC built for gaming has hardware that can be overclocked for superior performance.  Because PC gamers have direct access to game files and code, a huge modding community has been sprung up, and so PC gamers are often able to get free additions to their favorite games.

The downside to PC gaming is that a computer that is built specifically for gaming is generally a lot more expensive than a current-generation console, which means that PC gaming is far less accessible for casual gamers than console gaming is.  Still, because of the benefits, many hardcore gamers now play on PCs.